“I was born twice. The first time like any other human with a mother and a father. The second time is symbolic.
Meeting my Danish wife-to-be changed all the plans fate had in the horizon and showed me the way towards Copenhagen - it happened in Paris in 90'.”
Meet Victor Monchamp, owner of reknowned wine store and atelier PARIS 90 located at Classensgade, Osterbro Copenhagen (link).

An encounter with a charismatic ‘Vivant’ and wine enthusiast who we’ve had great pleasure collaborating with for our " Seize the Wine” editorial.

Victor Monchamp on Paris 90:

"Paris 90 is really about discovery, soul and curiosity.

I want my customers to feel that quality wine, produced with heart and skills, can be such a unique experience.
Wine enhances both body and mind, almost like a journey, and I sense all bottles have a voice of their own - literally."
"I work with 3 very important rules.
- Respect the soil
- Respect the man or woman behind the wine
- Respect yourself.”